The Atlantean (Adlantisag) is a language speaking by Atlantean humans and animals in Rocky and Bullwinkle In Atlantis. It was based on the same language from Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire created by Marc Okrand.

Atlantean Alphabet (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
Disney's Atlantis The Lost Empire - How To Speak Atlantean

Disney's Atlantis The Lost Empire - How To Speak Atlantean

Rocky and Bullwinkle In Atlantis: How To Speak Atlantean


Atlantean has various nouns with singulars and plurials in English.

Know Nouns

Numbers Atlantean English
Singular prid friend
Plurial priden, pridentem friends
Singular nish spirits, angels, deities
Plurial nishen, nishentop spirits, angels, deities
Singular yob crystal
Plurial yoben crystals



These adverbs are translating Atlantean to English.

Know Adverbs

Atlantean English
tig yes
kwam no, not
supak hello
gamok goodbye
neb about
beket please
badeg success
karok fail
degim greetings
sol, solesh all



These numbers's words are translated in the Atlantean language that they're knew digits or numerals of 0-9.

Numerals Atlantean English
1 din one
2 dut two
3 sey three
4 kut four
5 sha five
6 luk six
7 tos seven
8 ya eight
9 nit nine
10 ehep ten
20 dut dehep twenty
30 sey dehep thirty
40 kut dehep forty
50 sha dehep fifty


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