This is the band new series of the Rocky and Bullwinkle show

Treasures Hunter Heroes



Mr. Peabody


Dudley Do-Right

Karen Sympathy

Penny Peterson

Nell Fenwick

Treasures Hunter Villians



Snidely Whiplash

Mrs. Grunion

Mr. Grubby

Melli Grunion

Harve/Agent Moose

Toots/Agent Squirrel

Sheldon Kaufman

Fearless Leader


  1. Treasure Hunt Begin
  2. Agent Moose and Squirrel
  3. Kaley Grimswald And Two Headed-Kangeroo
  4. California Zoey
  5. Quest For Kingdom
  6. Danger Island
  7. Switch-A-Roo
  8. Simone and Wally's Hypnotic Treasure
  9. The Peril Of Blaineley, Mia and Furry
  10. Karen's Rival
  11. Princess Of Egypt
  12. Caveman Attack
  13. Westling Treasure in Perils
  14. The Hunted Mansion
  15. The Bells Of Horns
  16. Malina and Izaick Save the Day
  17. Magic Monkey Treasure
  18. The Lost Continent
  19. Golden Unicorn
  20. Jungle Madness
  21. The Treasure Of Sea
  22. Wiki-Tiki Attack
  23. Treasures Of Atlantis
  24. Ladies Night
  25. Strange World
  26. Attack Of The 50th Foot Penny
  27. Her Dream Come True
  28. Boris's Creations
  29. Malina And The Two Cows
  30. Treasures Outer Space
  31. Voodoo Groat
  32. Sandwich Monster
  33. Double Montie Trouble
  34. Shrinking Squirrel Day
  35. Mommy For A Day
  36. Snow White And The Seven Treasure Hunters
  37. Karen Sympathy Vs Sheldon Kaufman
  38. The Hippopotamus Sisters
  39. The Princess And The Squirrel
  40. Polynesian and Samoan Treasure
  41. Rocky And Bullwinkle Save The Orphans
  42. The Swan Treasure
  43. Devils Eye
  44. Lions, Tigers and Bears
  45. Australia Down Under
  46. The Moose And The Pauper
  47. CycberCats
  48. Amazing Treasure Race
  49. The Treasure Potion
  50. The Speed Rabbit Treasure
  51. Aliens Captures
  52. Four Treasures Hunters Heroes And A Baby
  53. The Perils Of Jade The Common Brushtail Possum
  54. The Invisible Sherman
  55. Rocky And The Killer Crocodiles
  56. The Last Treasure
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