This the sequel of 2000 film The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, Karen's uncle has been capture by a new villain who replace Boris and Natasha, so Karen team up again with Rocky, Bullwinkle, Boris and Natasha.


After the narrator review what happen last time in the first movie of The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, Rocky and Bullwinkle  begin to search of a beautiful cheerleader wolf, Snowball with a help of three of their old friends Captain Peter Wrong-Way Peachfuzz and the two moon man, Gidney and Cloyd, together when they were looking for  her , they see Fearless Leader, Boris and Natasha had  her  tie up, so Rocky, Bullwinkle, Captain Peachfuzz, Gidney and Cloyd fight Fearless Leader, Boris and Natasha to rescue Snowball, than called the police and arrested the three villains, after that in the real world, Karen Sympathy and her prisons guard boyfriend, Ole begin to love this movie.

15 years later, Karen  and  Ole are married  and  have their daughter, Pandora, but Karen's uncle John Sympathy came for a surprise on  her  8th birthday, John told his great niece that when her mother was a little girl she have her real parents, Burdine and Neil Sympathy and they love Karen so much until John's arch-enemy, Doctor Arthur Prisons and  his sidekick, Lucina Angelle L'Awfully came  and  destroy Burdine and Neil, then John came to rescue Karen and beat up Prisons and Lucina Angelle. Pandora told her great uncle that  she  is sorry to hear about Karen's parents.

In the Republic of Chipan, Ming-Huaxing's cousin Zhang-Ye-Qi Risusabi, a young flying squirrel sorceress and Rocky's cousin's Micheal J. Squirrel's immortal ancestral close friend (before  her) playing with her pipa until  she hear Doctor Arthur  Prisons and his sidekick Lucina Angelle escape from jail  and  free Fearless Leader, Boris and Natasha in America. Zhang-Ye-Qi  also  hear after Dr.  Prisons   and  Lucina Angelle free the three villains, Fearless Leader offer them to help him take over America, but Boris  and  Natasha told Fearless Leader that they don't trust that  Prisons , he is tricking, then Fearless Leader got into a argument with Boris  and  Natasha then told them don't help him anymore. Then Boris  and  Natasha left Fearless Leader alone with Dr.  Prisons   and  Luncina Angelle. Then Zhang-Ye-Qi  also  hear those villains plan to capture John Sympathy so  she  fly to Karen for help.

Meanwhile, Dr. Prisons , Lucina Angelle and the three villains meets his second sidekick named Jonathan Samuel Unjustly  and  told that they kill Karen's parents, capture John Sympathy  and  free Fearless Leader, Boris and Natasha from American prison, but Boris and Natasha still distraught about Dr. Prisons plan to get ride of Huaxing's cousin, Rocky and Bullwinkle so Fearless Leader is angry at them for treating Prisons that so he fired Boris and Natasha, then he hired Dr. Prisons, Lucina Angelle and Jonathan Samuel to be his new spies. Back at Sympathy Manners, John told Karen that he is the best agents in the world but when Karen try to tell her uncle something Lucina Angelle and Jonathan come by and begin to capture John, when Karen try to save him Lucina Angelle tie her  to the chair  and  then they left with out Karen, Pandora came in and see her mother tie up, so she untie Karen, then Zhang-Ye-Qi came  and  tell Karen that Dr. Prisons escape and free Fearless Leader, Boris and Natasha.

Karen told Pandora not to tell her father about her mission and she promise. So Karen and Zhang-Ye-Qi left and go to Los Angeles to get Rocky and Bullwinkle help. Later, Karen and Zhang-Ye-Qi arrives in Los Angeles, but Zhang-Ye-Qi said "My cousin and her sidekick's spells have magic powers, but i must absolutely use my magic like them." As they made it they find lighthouse when Karen got Rocky and Bullwinkle  to the real world with green light, so  she   and  Zhang-Ye-Qi did the same thing like Karen did. They went in and press Fantasy Adventure and  Road Comedy then they tap "The Rocky and Bullwinkle  Movie" then they pull the rake, then the green light begin to bring Rocky and Bullwinkle to the real world again. Rocky and Bullwinkle are glad to see Karen again, Zhang-Ye-Qi told them that Karen has an uncle named John Sympathy has been captured by Fearless Leader, Dr. Prisons, Lucina Angelle and Jonathan Samuel. Rocky and Bullwinkle didn't realizes Fearless Leader has been free by Dr. Prisons and took Boris and Natasha's place, so they team up with Karen and Zhang-Ye-Qi because the new bad guys were replaced Boris and Natasha. But Zhang-Ye-Qi said that her cousin Huaxing and Shanying were been also captured by Dr. Prison and they're also her immortal sorceress-sifu/sensei mistresses .

Meanwhile, Dr.  Prisons , Lucina Angelle  and  Jonathan Samuel tie John to the chair  and  he didn't that Fearless Leader who from the Rocky  and   Bullwinkle  Show is helping Dr.  Prisons  take over America  and   also  capture Huaxing  and  Shanying who got tie up too. But Ming-Huaxing  and  Bei-Shanying glared to Dr.  Prison  what they are captured John Sympathy  and  them  and  take over America  and  leaving Boris  and  Natasha, but Dr.  Prison  said that beacause he is made it to take over the country  and  he's captured them. So Ming-Huaxing  and  Bei-Shanying gasped  and  ask Fearless Leader  and  Dr.  Prison  why are they doing this to them  and  John, Fearless Leader told them that he, Dr.  Prison , Lucina Angelle  and  Jonathan Samuel are going to turn John into a cartoon, but John demand those villains to let him, Huaxing  and  Shanying go, but they wouldn't so they got plan for them.

When Rocky,  Bullwinkle , Karen  and  Zhang-Ye-Qi are on their way, they find Boris  and  Natasha whose told them that they've been replaced by Dr.  Prison , Lucina Angelle  and  Jonathan Samuel, so Boris  and  Natasha decide to be on Rocky,  Bullwinkle , Karen  and  Zhang-Ye-Qi's side (just like in Boris  and  Natasha: The Movie! when they were good guys) then they agree with that. When Karen's dad, Neil's sister's daughter, Fern Sympathy along with Bei-Shanying's cousin Zhen-Kuai-Lin Musujika, a young antlered moose  sorceress   and   also  a former detective discovers Zhang-Ye-Qi  and  said that they've meet Rocky's siblings Mia  and  Furry  and   Bullwinkle's  girlfriend Blaineley the last time. They told Rocky,  Bullwinkle , Karen, Boris, Natasha  and  Zhang-Ye-Qi that Fearless Leader  and  Dr.  Prison  plan to turn John in to a cartoon character then  they're  going to do same thing to Fern  and  then Karen, then  she , Rocky,  Bullwinkle , Boris, Natasha  and  Zhang-Ye-Qi are not going to let that happen so they join Fern  and  Zhen-Kuai-Lin on detetives. But Zhen-Kuai-Lin said that  they're  not detectives  and   she  is not a detective,  she  is a witch  and  Zhang-Ye-Qi understand  her   and  smiled at  her .

Back at Sympathy Manners Pandora told  her  father a lie (like  her  mother tell  her  not to tell the truth) that Karen  and   her  uncle are on a trip, but Ole is still worry about his wife so much so Pandora ask  her  father that it is going to be a father  and  daughter time. But Pandora told to him that  they're  now parents  and  daughter.

Later at Dr.  Prison's  lare, he, Fearless Leader, Lucina Angelle  and  Jonathan Samuel hear a message that Boris  and  Natasha are on Rocky,  Bullwinkle   and  Karen's side now because Fearless Leader fire them, then he got angry  and  told John that he,  Prison , Lucina  and  Jonathan will deal with him later. Fearless Leader told  Prison   and  his henchman to kill Moose, Squirrel, Badenov, Miss Fatale  and  John niece the FBI lady immediately, including his younger niece. But John told Fearless Leader that those villains can't do this to Karen  and  Fern just like Dr.  Prison  kill  her  parents, Ming-Huaxing  and  Bei-Shanying told to  Prisons  what Fearless Leader has abandonned his two spies  and  help him to take over everything. They said that they need their cousins  and  wuxia/magic  and  sorcery students to save them, they find a solution to untied themselves, then they said that Rocky,  Bullwinkle   and  the rest will need of them.

Meanwhile, Rocky,  Bullwinkle , Karen, Boris, Natasha, Fern, Zhang-Ye-Qi  and  Zhen-Kuai-Lin were driving on the road until Dr.  Prison , Lucina Angelle  and  Jonathan Samuel use some bomb to kill but seven heroes jump out just like 15 years ago when Karen's old yellow car has been destroyed. Zhang-Ye-Qi worried  her   sifu / sensei  mistress  and  Zhen-Kuai-Lin too, they told to Karen thay they all rights like 15 years past. But Karen  and  Fern look at  Prisons , Jonathan Samuel  and  Lucina Angelle care a type of cannon  and  lights it but the witches's cousins Fern  and  Karen off the fire from the cannon. Then, the witches cousins  and  the rest steals the truck from  Prisons   and  his sidekicks, when Dr.  Prisons  Jonathan Samuel, Lucina Angelle saw the manuel book and read it.

When they call Fearless Leader, Lucina Angelle  and  Jonathan Samuel calls him that they've Mooses, Squirrels, Mr. Badenov, Miss Fatale  and  Pandora's mother escape, but Fearless Leader is very angry to he told them that  they're  next plan to capture Karen  and  Fern Sympathy so he can turn them  and  their uncle into a cartoon. John told Fearless Leader that he  and   Prison  will never get away with this. Fearless Leader told him that he already have then he see Huaxing  and  Shanying escape.

Back on the road Rocky,  Bullwinkle , the witches cousins  and  the rest were still drive ith  Prison's  truck, but Rocky ask to Karen  and  Fern they cannot driving on a stealing truck  and  could turning their uncle into a toon like this. Zhang-Ye-Qi sighs that  she   and  Zheng-Kuai-Lin must fin their cousin  sifu / sensei   mistresses , Huaxing  and  Shanying whose escape from Dr.  Prison's  lare  and  told Zhang-Ye-Qi, Zheng-Kuei-Lin, Rocky,  Bullwinkle , Karen, Fern, Boris  and  Natasha that Fearless Leader plan to kill them and  also  capture Karen and Fern to turn them and their uncle into a cartoon, then Karen and Fern are not going to let that happen. Then  her  Chinese sorcerer and Huaxing and Shanying's old friend Ka-Lun Tongqing came to help and he already know Karen and Fern about 17 years ago. Together Zhang-Ye-Qi, Zheng-Kuei-Lin, Ming-Huaxing, Bei-Shanying and Ka-Lun use their powers to make Prison's truck fly so he, Lucina and Jonathan won't go after them.

Back at Sympathy Manners, Ole calls a hotel managers that he would like to speak to his wife, Karen, but the managers did not know Karen and her uncle so he hang up. Now Ole know the truth so he ask Pandora were is her mother. Pandora told  her  father that  she  promise  her  mother not to tell him that  she  on a mission to rescue  her  uncle from Dr. Arthur  Prison  with a help from Fearless Leader, Ole already know that Fearless Leader is from The Rocky  and   Bullwinkle  Show, so he  and  Pandora took his police car to find  Prison's  lare. Meanwhile, Jonathan Samuel and Lucina Angelle told to Dr. Prison that was a vehicul with plane wings that the Chipanese magic users has use magic spells flies like avians and flying machines, but Dr. Prison said that four witches and a wizard cast a magic spell on his truck and appears plane's wings. He is very furious of five Asian heroes with white arts, he thinks that Moose, Squirrel and the rest were flying with a plane-like truck. Jonathan Samuel thinking about five magic users from China/Japan who cast various spells on means of transports and flying in skies, so they get back to their lair and see Fearless Leader.

Meanwhile with the group, Hauxing  and  Shanying told Karen that before The Rocky  and   Bullwinkle  Show when they met the witches always keep watching Rocky  and   Bullwinkle  if something bad happen to them then Boris  and  Natasha didn't realizes that so they say  they're  sorry to Rocky  and   Bullwinkle  for what they did over 51 years  and  they are  also  say they're sorry to Karen for put her under a rest. But  she  told them that  she  a marry woman about 10 years to a  prison  guard who took  her  to the movies how brave were Rocky  and   Bullwinkle  about 15 years ago, then Karen  also  told Rocky,  Bullwinkle , Boris  and  Natasha that  she  had a 8 year-old daughter named Pandora and they understand her. Then  suddenly  Zhang-Ye-Qi  and  Zhen-Kuei-Lin told Karen  and  the rest of them that they made to the lare until Fearless Leader,  Prison , Jonathan  and  Lucina found them  and  capture Rocky,  Bullwinkle , Karen, Fern, Boris  and  Natasha, so Hauxing, Shanying, Ka-Lun, Zhang-Ye-Qi and Zhen-Kuei-Lin use their magic to get help from Ole and Pandora.

When Ole  and  Pandora are driving looking for Karen, Hauxing, Shanying, Ka-Lun, Zhang-Ye-Qi  and  Zhen-Kuei-Lin appear  and  told them that Karen, Fern, Rocky,  Bullwinkle , Boris  and  Natasha are in peril by Fearless Leader and Dr. Arthur  Prison  just like Karen's uncle is in peril. Ole remember Rocky  and   Bullwinkle  when he was a kid just like Karen did  and  he  also  imagine that  Bullwinkle  got a girlfriend named Blaineley so Hauxing, Shanying  and  Ka-Lun show Ole and Pandora where to find Karen and others, while Zhang-Ye-Qi and Zhen-Kuei-Lin go back to Frostbite Falls to get Blaineley.

When Huaxing's cousin and Shanying's cousin finds Blaineley in Frostbite Falls they said that they've teaching kung-fu and magic by their cousins after the witches and Ka-Lun have turned Bao-Lisi, Na-Ta-Sha and Shenkyoki into stones statues and their cousins's flying squirrel wuxia teacher Master Tanshuai became ill and died for a thousands of years. Then they told Blaineley that  her  boyfriend  and  his sidekick  and  their x-rivals  and  their real world friends are in perils, Blaineley remember back at Canada  she  save Rocky  and   Bullwinkle   and  their three friends from ninjas now  she  join Zhang-Ye-Qi and Zhen-Kuei-Lin to go to the real world to save her boyfriend again. Then the witches took Blaineley to the real world with their magic once they get there Blaineley had finally meet Karen's husband, Ole  and  his daughter, Pandora whose told  her  that they all have the same problem so Blaneley, Ole, Pandora, Huaxing, Shanying, Ka-Lin, Zhang-Ye-Qi  and  Zhen-Kuei-Lin team up to rescue Karen, Fern, Rocky,  Bullwinkle , Boris  and  Natasha from Dr. Prison and Fearless Leader whose going to turn Karen and her uncle into cartoons.

As Those villains have the six heroes tie up, Karen told Fearless Leader and Prison where is John Sympathy, they told her that they had him tie up by the wall, now they send Jonathan and Lucina to put Karen and Fern with their uncle now Prison use cartoon machine to transform John, Fern and Karen into a cartoon, but Boris told Fearless Leader that they can't do this to Karen, Fern and John just like 15 years ago he turn Karen, Rocky and the three FBI agents into Vegetables. So the four witches  and  Ka-Lun unties Rocky  and   Bullwinkle   and  free them with magic, they told them to stop that machine while they cast various spell on the HQ. Ming-Huaxing, Bei-Shanying, their old friend  and  their cousins cast a spell on the cartoonized Karen, Fern  and  their uncle  and  turning them back to normal just like  Bullwinkle  who turning the vegetalized Rocky  and  Karen back to normal for 15 years, they see Fern, Karen and John were find Ole and Pandora. Zhang-Ye-Qi asking  her  cousin kung-fu/magic  mistress  about Master Tanshuai's death  and  Zheng-Kuai-Lin  and   her  cousin too, when Blaineley, Rocky  and   Bullwinkle  stop the cartoon machine  and  unconnected it, they help Fern, Karen, John and the five magic users fights Dr.  Prison , Lucina Angelle and Jonathan Samuel and defeat them with magic just like Karen, Rocky and  Bullwinkle  defeat Fearless Leader, Boris  and  Natasha for 15 years.

Boris asks to Fearless Leader that the five magic practicers, Blaineley, Sympathy, Moose and Squirrel were defeat Prisons and his two sidekicks. But Fearless Leader told him and Natasha that they're still fired for betrayed him then Ole arrested Fearless Leader, while Ming-Huaxing, Bei-Shanying and Ka-Lin laughing at Fearless Leader after he's get betrayed and fired Boris and Natasha and defeated Prisons and his sidekicks. The  sorceresses ' cousins decided to cast a transformation spell just like Huaxing, Shanying and Ka-Lun's spell for 2055 years, they chants the spell in Sanskrit casting a spell on Prison and his two goons and transforms them into humanoid vegetables, then Cappy Von Trapment came and ask Karen and Fern that how proud he was for defeat Fearless Leader again then he remember John what Cappy's father, an Old Cappy Von Trapment told his son about the old FBI agents John Sympathy like his niece.

Later, Rocky,  Bullwinkle , Blaineley  and  the five magic users were remember the whole past, Rocky meet his siblings Fury and Mia but Karen, Ole, Pandora, Fern, John, Boris and Natasha said that they didn't so Rocky told them that they would like to meet them. Ka-Lun told Karen, Ole, Pandora, Fern  and  John to use cartoon key to any door  and  that way they can see Rocky,  Bullwinkle , Boris, Natasha  and  Blaneley any time to take cartoon adventure with them. Boris  and  Natasha told Rocky  and   Bullwinkle  that they'll always be their ach-enemy, then they understand that. Then Rocky,  Bullwinkle , Boris, Natasha, Blaineley, Ming-Huaxing, Bei-Shanying  and  theirs cousins went back to cartoon world and rejoice Captain Peachfuzz, his niece Becky, Gidney, Cloyd, Rocky's little brother, Furry and his big grumpy sister, Mia, while Karen, Ole, Pandora, Fern and John went back to Sympathy Manners along with Ka-Lun who he was invited to dinner and so they can watch any of "The Rocky  and   Bullwinkle  Show",  and  as for the Narrator, he was reviewing the whole ending story as Rocky flies and draw the end in the sky just like 15 years ago.


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